Thomas White

Thomas White

About Justice Rule:

Many years ago, I saw a father standing at a podium addressing the press. His son had been the victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and was murdered by a famous athlete. The athlete was acquitted even though the DNA evidence against him was substantial. As he addressed the media, knowing that the man who killed his son was now walking free, I empathized with his dilemma. His options were limited, short of walking up to this man on the courthouse steps and putting a bullet in his head, how could he possibly attain justice. I set about devising a means of successfully getting away with murder, a means of attaining justice without paying to the justice system that had failed him. The result is Justice Rules.

About Siren’s Scream:

A few years back my wife and I were on vacation. We happened to be sitting on a dock and there were many different kinds of fish swimming beneath us. There was a short altercation between the two fish and one of them twisted over and took off. As he did his rainbow belly caught the bright sunlight and radiated with a set of vibrant colors, for just a moment. That image stayed with me, and an idea began to grow. One thought led to another and before long a plot had begun to formulate in my mind. I attempted to write The Siren’s Scream several times without success, I just had no handle to make her a viable entity, she had no motivation other than being just plain evil. Finally, while sitting at a family dinner with a particularly troublesome sister I started thinking about family lineage and good seeds and bad seeds and from that dinner, the ribbon that ties this whole story together was born.

About The Edison Enigma:

I originally wrote this as a screenplay. It got a bit of mileage but never was picked up, Converting it into a novel was such an interesting exercise because in a screenplay you write action and dialogue. You leave everything else to the designers etc. I had to totally change my POV to make it into a novel. I believe the story holds strong and I was able to make many improvements with the novel over the screenplay. If I ever go back to the screenplay, I have a lot of depth to add.