Thomas White

The Siren’s Scream

The Thornton Mansion with the giant tide pool in the backyard has terrorized Santa Cruz for over a century. Throughout the years there have been dire and mysterious deaths connected with it. It is now Darcy Wainwrights turn to face the perils of the mansion. The mansion becomes her first sale as a novice realtor and she becomes intricately and inevitably connected to the house and the pool. It is the pool that beckons her, and it is the pool that would decide if she lives or dies.


FBI Special Agent Brian Wylie investigates the murder of an ex-con in Eastern Washington. This single murder leads to a vigilante coalition that wreaks its own brand of justice. Wylie’s investigation unravels an intricate and complex plot that involves a victims help group, his best friends treachery, and his teenage daughter’s well-being,